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From reactions to new tastes to the sensory satisfaction of finger foods, there’s never a dull moment when bub starts on solids. There’s also a lot of mess! So, to protect those sweet little outfits, you’ll have a stash of quality baby bibs for meals and snacks in the early years.

Baby bibs are complete sanity savers when it comes to protecting clothes at mealtimes. 

Made of tough materials like silicone or chemical-free plastic, they prevent spills from soaking through to bub and wipe down with ease. Plus, genius scoop designs even catch all the bits that don’t make it to little mouths, which means less time cleaning up and more time snuggling bubba.

And if you thought a bib might cramp bub’s style, think again. Designer bibs not only make life easier at mealtimes, but they pack a huge dose of cuteness.

How to choose a Dinner Bib for your little one 

The cost of bibs can add up quickly, take a look at the available types so that you pick a style to see you through years of mealtime shenanigans.

  • Scoop - A common feature in today’s bibs, scoops capture all the drips and dropped food that doesn’t make it to mouths. It’s great for saving food from hitting the floor and saves you cleaning time.
  • Smock/Cape – While many bibs do up at the neck leaving arms free, smock bibs protect the front of clothing and arms. These are a great choice if you’re after an accessory that works well for playtime as well.
  • Roll-Up - Some ultra-flexible silicone bibs can be rolled up into a nifty little bundle for toting everywhere you might stop for a nibble. They’re a great space saver and fabulous for travel.
  • Silicone – Food-grade silicone is a favourite material for feeding accessories — from baby bowls to cutlery — because of its hardwearing, flexible and chemical-free composition.
  • Plastic – Chemist-free plastic bibs are easy to wipe down and often a budget-friendly option. 

At Lil Finch Boutique we combine the benefits of silicone and scoop giving you a bucket bib. Not only hardwearing but flexible and capturing all those runaway foods before they hit the floor! 

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